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February 26, 2008



Oh Janine a big hug from me to you!!!
Congrats on the SS publication


Dont feel silly Janine...its all natural. They become a huge part of your life and you will never forget them. The sense of peace is a good need to know you have done the right thing, and the best thing for Penny. Take care

Alison Shearer

Oh Janine - I feel so sad for you. I was with one of our dogs about 20 years ago when she went off to doggy heaven too and it is a very peaceful process but heartbreaking too.It's natural to have a broken heart. She had a great life with you though - hang onto that.

PS. I saw your LO in SS too - congratulations.

Robyn W

hugs Janine


Hang in there. Remember the good times.

Kim Arnold

oh Janine - how sad for you all. {{{hugs}}}


Janine, I'm so sorry you had to make this hard decision - its just not fair. My thoughts are with you and your family - big hugs your way. Lisa.


Oh Janine, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss..sending hugs your way, Kelly


Hugs to you girl. xoxo


so sorry about your beautiful dog!!!
you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this SAD time..
take care...

Julie Takacs

Sending {{hugs}} to you Janine at this very sad least you and Penny are now both at peace.





You made me cry too - so sad for you xxoo...


You made me cry too - so sad for you xxoo...

Lynne Davey

Thinking of you. Pets are a member of the family and their loss is sad. Hope you are feeling O.K. Lynne D.


I have just read your blog about Penny, I am so sorry and hope you are feeling much better.... sending you {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}.

Congrats on your SS publication too :)

Donna  Meuli

Hi Janine. Thanks for your lovely comments!
I felt so sad reading about Penny. Hope you are ok? It's very hard to take - losing a much loved family member. Your mini book in FK will be a real treasure now.

Ally H

:( so so so upset for you babe. I hope Tyco and all your family is coping with out sweet Penny. Terribly heartbreaking news. Ally xxx


So sorry to hear about your loss we had to do the same to our dog of 15 years last Tuesday it was our worst day and now our house does not feel complete we are always looking around for him. I saw the dog bone you did in FK what a fitting way to remember him.


Oh Janine, Sweet lady. It is okay to feel sad and cry for your pup. She was part of your family....I will hold you in my thoughts. Hope you feel beter soon. :)

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