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January 29, 2009


Tracey Clouten

Wow - I will miss seeing your LO's at S&C I think you are a great scrapbooker but I think it is fantastic to follow your dreams and you are obviously doing that. Can't wait to see what unfolds along your journey.

Alison Shearer

I'm sorry you're leaving S&C Janine - you ahve been such an inetgral part of it for so long. I know it's hard to juggle everyhting and I hope your business just goes from strength to strength. Your pics every day for January have all, without exception - been stunning. Have you been using your 50mm f1.4 a bit??? I think I need that lens LOL.

Alison XXX

Marg S

So sorry you're resigning from S & C Design team. You've been a great inspiration to all us 'would be's' and you'll be sorely missed. Sure hope we continue to see you around - I haven't had a photoshoot yet LOL. Speaking of which........ only just caufgt up with the 'Thursday' post (I'm packing to move house!!!). Next time you doubt yourself, just remember you have a husband who adores you, two kids who love you to bits, & so many clients (& their friends) who tear-up when they see the images you capture of their families.

I'll be thinking of Lucy next Monday - hope she loves it! Take care.

Julie T

We're going to miss you and your fab layouts at S&C Janine. :(
But good on you for continuing to follow your of luck for the future!! :)

Julie T

We're going to miss you and your fab layouts at S&C Janine. :(
Good on you for continuing to follow your dreams!...good luck for the future!!
Julie xx

Megan Thompson

Thank God you have a blog, so i can still check out your layouts, now that I won't see them at Shop n Crop. Will really miss your work and kits. I might be making my way down to the 'Gong in June for a pregnancy photo shoot...yep, baby number 2 due in July and I would love you to take some tummy pics for me.

Sar W

We just can't do everything, as much as we'd like to, eh? You've got so much happening and something did have to give, I'm sure you've made the right decision for you.


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